Welcome to Hollerfolk Nursery. Over the past years, we
have established Hollerfolk as the destination nursery of
Madison County, Virginia.

Hollerfolk Nursery, we have combined the best of two
worlds: the experience and success of growing new and
innovative plants along with selling popular selections of
annuals, perennials, shrubs, vegetables and herbs. In
addition to our extensive plant selections, Hollerfolk
Nursery carries worm castings, mushroom compost,
potting soil and double-ground hardwood bark much. All
selections are priced with you in mind.  Come see why
our customers return year after year.  Steve and Molly
Hollerfolk Nursery LLC
Located in the Heart of Downtown Syria, Virginia
Seasonal Happenings!

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What's new for

Still somewhat the
same as previously.
And again, we're no
different than our
customers and
we've listened to
your requests for
fruit-bearing trees.
Steve has quite an
interesting selection
for delicious, edible
trees and shrubs.
Look at
this list for
your one-stop fruit
tree selections
Hollerfolk Nursery sells worm
castings! Why worm castings? because
it's the best organic fertilizer that we
can recommend. Here's our recipe for
Worm Casting Tea:
1 cup – Worm Castings
1 tbsp. – brown sugar
1 gal. – water
Soak Worm Castings and brown sugar in water for 24
hrs to make the tea. Strain and use within 24 hours.
Hollerfolk Nursery LLC
3568 Old Blue Ridge Turnpike
Madison, VA 22727
mushroom compost
that everyone
loves. If you want
to compare prices,
that's fine with us.
Ours is sold $37 a
cubic yard. The
double ground
hardwood bark
mulch is $26.50 a
cubic yard.

Hello Flower & Vegetable

ollerfolk Nursery is closed
for the season
. Reopening
Friday, March 18, 2016

Please call us if you have
questions. 540-923-4400.